Quantity (pcs./box)20


Model: SPK-Pb

  • Wastewater Management
  • Process Management/Quality Control
  • Drinking Water Inspection
  • Soil Contamination Countermeasures
  • Investigation for Abnormality

This product utilizes a Molecular Recognition Technology™ resin (MetaSEP AnaLig® GL Science Inc.) to separate Lead from other metals and concentrate it at the same time. It allows to measure the red color of Lead complex reacted with 4-(2-Pyridynylazo)-resorcinol (PAR).
This method selectively measures Lead ion and offers the possibility of measuring the trace amount of Lead ion regulated for the wastewater standard level.

Quantity (pcs./box)20


Measuring Method Separation and preconcentration of lead by MetaSEP Analig® and PAR Visual Clorimetric Method
Indicator 0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1 mg/L
Measuring Time approx. 10min.
Package Size approx. 131L x 165W x 110H mm
Package Weight approx. 440 g


This product allows to measure trace amount of Lead using concentration, and separation from other metal ions. Please read this precautionary statement carefully before use.


  • If the apparatuses are contaminated with Lead or other metals, it will cause the faulse reading. Please be sure to wash the apparatuses thoroughly with pure water prior to use.
  • If pipette and syringe are contaminated, they will cause the liquid reagent to be also contaminated.
  • If the possibility of Lead contamination is concerned, transfer the liquid reagent to small beaker, then use the pipette and syringe to prevent contamination.
  • Components of perspiration may cause the wrong reading too. Please wash your hands thoroughly before using this product. The contamination of K-4 Reagent and/or eluate will affect the reading.

Precipitation and Turbidity in the Sample

    • When the sample including some metals, they should be dissolved with K-1 Reagent (diluted Nitrate). However, if you can still confirm the precipitation even after using the K-1 Reagent, you may need to take additional process: boil the sample after adding K-1 Reagent or filter the sample to remove them.

Simplified Analytical Instrument

      • Not all kinds of samples are measurable with this product. We suggest to cross check on correlation between the result from this product and reference laboratory using the same sample.


    • Please use protective eyewear, mask, and gloves while using this product.
    • Please make sure you have enough ventilation while using this product.