Since our founding, we have valued voices from field and specializing in the field of "Simplified Water Analysis Tool".
Especially our signature product, PACKTEST, has grown into a product as
"the most simplified water analysis tool that anyone can use at anywhere" with many people's support.

Here is how PACKTEST works; it is the polyethylene tube which contains reagent for specified measuring analyte. Pull the line out and draw in the sample water into the tube like using the dropper, then mix the reagent and water inside the tube. After the designated reaction time, compare the color with Standard Color sheet. The nearest color indicates the value in mg/L.


STRENGTHS 01 Reputation for Reliability

It has been about 50yrs since the release of PACKTEST. We have been covering the development, manufacturing and sales within the company since our founding.
We strive to enhance our unique technology of simplified water analysis to become preferred simple method of water check by people around the world, and diffuse the use of our products.

STRENGTHS 02 Extensive Product Lineup

PACKTEST now has more than 70 analyte to choose from. In addition to the technology cultivated over many years and fresh new ideas, we jointly develop with universities and other companies to achieve our goal to develop products making contribution to the society.

STRENGTHS 03 Volume Production and Stable Quality

As a manufacturing company, we cover development to volume production and have ability to consistently deliver reliable and high quality products to customer.


We determined to provide our products without poisonous and deleterious substances for safety assurance, which makes them used by wide range of users, from small children* to adult.

*PACKTEST contains small amount of chemicals. Please follow instruction manual for handling.
*Please use under close adult supervision.

STRENGTHS 05 Main Application

PACKTEST has been used for wide range of purposes; wastewater management, process water management, environment research, educational material, agriculture and fish farming, in various industries like government, citizen groups, research institution, and educational site.